What's New at Oh So Paper in 2022?

Posted by Danielle Stewart on

What's new at Oh So Paper? The short answer? Everything!

If you read my post " Looking Back at 2021: A Year in Review " you know 2021 was a very stressful year for myself and the business. 

I absolutely refuse to let that happen in 2022.  Going into 2022 my goal for  Oh So Paper this year is to keep things fresh and fun. 

By now you've probably noticed the following things:

  • There are no products on the site from 2021
  • Mini Friends® Essential stickers were added (a fusion of our functional character stickers and word/script stickers)
  • We have a new updated sticker sheet format that shows the release month and year. This is great if you want to store your stickers by release date (I'm probably the only one who does this...lol)
  • Themed stickers that match the Mini Friends® Monthly Subscription are only on the site for the release month under the This Month Only section.  After that they are off the site and sealed away in our "vault".
  • The Mini Friends® Monthly subscription now has an Everyday Girl Add-On option.
  • and I'm Blogging! 

Why the changes?

We downsized in 2021 to a smaller space which means we don't have nearly the amount of space to store tons of inventory. 

The changes that we have made will allow us to use our space more efficiently and keep our product offerings fresh

As for why I'm Blogging now? Well those are my roots! 

I started this journey of working for myself as a blogger. Yes, I got paid to write for a living even with all my typos...LOL.  I started my first blog/youtube channel back in 2009 I blogged and made youtube videos for years (see for yourself if you want a good laugh). 

It was blogging that helped me switch to being a designer.  During that era of the early 2000s there is a very good chance that I was your favorite bloggers graphic designer.  Back then I made printables for all the big bloggers until I decided to design for myself. 

The ultimate reason I wanted to get back into the world of blogging is to be able to share more things with you all as well as document this journey of entrepreneurship.

I have been asked many times if I offer mentorship and while I don't I hope that these glimpses behind the scenes can help any of you that are on your own entrepreneurial journey.

 What other things would you like to see me write about?

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  • I would like to design one for Beautican and or barber. And I’d like to design my son-in-law.

    Sylvia on
  • I really Love your stickers. So I popped in to restock and noticed the changes with your website. I decided to join my 1st monthly subscription with you because the quality of your stickers are great!! I hope you bring some more of your standard Full sheet stickers and color options back!! (Bill’s, coffee and the dark blue color and maybe new colors!)

    Thank you,
    Tracy Barkley

    Tracy Barkley on
  • Thanks for sharing!! I am happy you got back into blogging I can’t wait to see what more stories you have for us. Also I agree with the people you should offer a mentorship

    Nicol on
  • Thanks for sharing!! I am happy you got back into blogging I can’t wait to see what more stories you have for us. Also I agree with the people you should offer a mentorship

    Nicol on
  • Really like the changes and the blog. Thanks for modeling self care for us.

    Lori on
  • Danielle thanks for elucidating. Praying you have a successful year & the stressed is relieved for your well being. Definitely supporting your blog and business. Love ya Karen

    Karen J on
  • Nope, I catalog all my Mini Friends by release date too! I’m actually reorganizing my 2021 collection right now to make room for 2022 in a fresh new mini binder because I will continue to support Oh So Paper, all the way from Canada! Keep up the good work, Danielle, it has not gone unnoticed! :)

    Claire on
  • Yaassss sis keep these email blogs coming. I love them. Allows me to miss you less because I get to read about what’s going on.

    Michelle on
  • I think what you are doing is very interesting inspiring and You. I have chosen to support your team because I enjoy your work. Keep doing you…

    Nadine Jones-Ruffin on
  • I am enjoying the emails and the blog. What I think would be cute is in the blog is a mini friend of the month. Just to give a back ground on why you chose that particular name for her and what or who inspired her. I love your products and I will continue to support.

    Monica on

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