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15 Thank You Note Starters for Gifts from Close Friends + Template

Written by: Danielle Stewart


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Expressing gratitude for gifts from close friends can sometimes be challenging. Finding the right words to convey your appreciation while maintaining sincerity can be difficult. In our "How to Write a Thank You Note" post, we emphasize starting with a warm greeting, being specific about what you're thankful for, and adding a personal touch. These thank you note starters are designed to help you overcome writer's block and craft heartfelt messages that show your genuine appreciation, strengthen your friendship, and reflect the joy their gift has brought.

Remember these 3 key things before you start writing your note:

Be Personal and Specific : Mention the specific gift and why it means so much to you, reflecting your shared experiences and friendship.

Express Genuine Gratitude : Show heartfelt appreciation and highlight the importance of their thoughtfulness and kindness.

Add a Personal Touch : Use a warm tone, reference inside jokes or memories, and emphasize how much you value their friendship.

Thank you Note starters

  • 1. "Thank you so much for the amazing gift! It truly made my day."
  • 2. "Your thoughtful present meant the world to me. Thank you!"
  • 3. "I can't express how much I appreciate your wonderful gift."
  • 4. "Thank you for the beautiful gift and for always being so kind."
  • 5. "Your gift was perfect and showed just how well you know me. Thank you!"
  • 6. "I’m so grateful for your generosity and the lovely gift."
  • 7. "Your present brought a big smile to my face. Thanks a lot!"
  • 8. "Thank you for thinking of me with such a wonderful gift."
  • 9. "I absolutely love the gift you gave me. It’s so thoughtful of you!"
  • 10. "Your gift is as amazing as our friendship. Thank you!"
  • 11. "Thank you for the incredible gift and for being such an amazing friend."
  • 12. "Your gift was not only thoughtful but also incredibly useful. Thanks!"
  • 13. "Thank you for making my day with your lovely gift."
  • 14. "I feel so blessed to have a friend like you. Thank you for the gift!"
  • 15. "Your present was perfect in every way. Thanks for being so thoughtful!"
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Thank You Note Fill-in-the-Blank Template

Here’s a template to help you craft a meaningful and well-thought-out thank you note:

Dear [Friend's Name],

Thank you so much for the [specific gift]. It truly [describe how it made you feel or its impact on you]. I absolutely love it because [specific reason or personal touch related to the gift].

Our friendship means a lot to me, and your thoughtful gift is a wonderful reminder of how much you understand and care for me. I’m so grateful to have you in my life.

Thank you again for being such an incredible friend and for the amazing gift.

Warm regards,

[Your Name]

When writing thank you notes like this, it’s the personal touch that makes all the difference. Use these starters and the template to create heartfelt messages that show your appreciation and strengthen your friendship. 

To make your thank you notes even more special, consider using our personalized notepads. They add a unique touch and reflect the care you put into your words, making your notes even more memorable.

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FAQ When it Comes to Writing Thank You Notes to Close Friends

Is it okay to use humor in a thank you note to a close friend?

Yes, as long as it’s light-hearted and appropriate to your relationship, humor can make your note more personal and enjoyable.

Should I mention future plans in my thank you note?

Including a line about looking forward to seeing your friend again or planning something together can add a warm touch.

Can I reference shared memories in my thank you note?

Absolutely! Referencing shared experiences can make your thank you note more meaningful and personal.

Is it necessary to write a thank you note if I thanked my friend in person?

While not required, a written thank you note can still be a nice gesture to show your continued appreciation.

What if I’m late in sending my thank you note?

It’s never too late to express gratitude. Acknowledge the delay and focus on the heartfelt appreciation in your note.

Danielle Stewart owner of Oh So Paper

Danielle Stewart

Danielle is the owner and creator of Oh So Paper a stationery brand that creates fun and colorful inclusive personalized stationery.

She is a Coast Guard veteran, mom of one, and lover of all things cats. She hopes to inspire more people to pick up a pen and send more handwritten notes.

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