commercial Print Services

Our commercial print service division here at Oh So Paper specializes in making quality products for other paper goods/stationery businesses. 

As a paper goods company ourselves we understand the importance of putting out quality products.

We specialize in planner stickers, spiral notebooks and notepads.

why are we opening our print shop to other business owners?

Great question! The truth is we understand the frustration of wanting to create a quality product with limited time and limited equipment.  

We've been there! 

Here's the thing not everyone can afford to open a print shop and hire a bunch of full time employees to run their shop so they can focus on being creative.  

That's where we come in...

We're going to do the heaving lifting for you.  No more struggling to get your printer to print colors correctly, or a cutting machine that has a mind of it's own or having to meet outrageous minimums.

One of the biggest advantages of working with us is the level of customization we allow.  We are one of the only company's that allow you to customize the front and inside pages of your notebook AND the coil color.

How does it work?

step 1

Visit our commercial pricing tool and get an idea of our estimated cost for your particular job.

If the options on this tool don't fit your specific circumstances don't worry we will build a custom quote for you once you contact us.

step 2

Order a sample paper pack.

We want you to see and feel the quality of our paper and prints before making any major decisions.

The sample pack includes a sticker sheet so that you can see our paper, printing and cutting abilities.

It also includes the paper we use for our notebook covers as well as the paper we use for our notepads and notebook pages.

*only tracked shipping available

step 3

You're ready to get things moving. Fill out the form  and we will get your quote built and send you the invoice. 

Once the invoice is paid we'll set up your Dropbox folder to house all of your files. Our team will then  get to work setting up your files for our machines.

Once your file is set up we will send over a digital proof for you to review and approve. Your job is then completed and on it's way to you.

The time frame depends entirely on what you order and your speed approving your proofs.

File Requirements: Stickers (transparent PNG) , Notebooks & Notepads (PDF)

Fill out my online form.

still have questions?  Email us at