The REAL Oh So Paper Story

Posted by Danielle Stewart on

It was the Fall of 2016, I was in my home office in front of the computer scrolling through various Facebook groups when all of a sudden I stumbled on a series of posts that caught my attention.

The women in the group were sharing the best markers to recolor stationery and planner products to better represent their various skin tones and hair types.

At that moment I thought why were there no products already available that looked like them/like me/like us? 

This sparked something in me.  I knew I had been called to create the representation that I wanted to see. 

On November 15th, 2016 Oh So Paper was born. 

But here's the thing...


Listen your girl is no illustrator and I didn't' even know how to use the Silhouette Cameo that had been collecting dust in my closet for over a year. 

Oh and I quit my government job at the FAA and nursing school! I was ALL IN! My family thought I was crazy. 


I couldn't explain it but I knew this is what I was being called to do.  There were a lot of challenges and still are. Our very first commercial property was robbed twice in one week and then they came back a 3rd time but we had thankfully moved out by then. 

But still I pushed through because there was a world of stationery lovers out there that needed to see themselves.

Fast forward to TODAY!

Oh So Paper is now a full commercial print shop with equipment that would have scared me back in 2016.  We also own the trademarks for our Mini Friends® and our Zoe logo image.


We have a team spread across the globe and we are only getting started!

Representation is still at the forefront of what we do here at Oh So Paper.  With the introduction of Personalization we are able to represent so many more people and all their beautiful differences. 


We are currently working on characters with limb differences, assistive devices as well as children and male character options under our Personalized by Oh So Paper brand. 


  • This is amazing!!

    Carmon Thompson-Davis on
  • I been a fan and supporter of oh so paper since what? 2017 or 2018 when I discovered you. Will continue to be a customer. I’m proud of what you have built and what you create. Keep going.

    Alina Serrano on
  • This is an awesome and inspiring story.

    Donnella Hilburn on
  • I love your stationary and how we are able to personalize it! You are awesome!!!

    Onnie on
  • Do you have any for black nurses?

    Mildred Colas on
  • Just a message to thank and encourage you! I have placed my order two days ago and have not received it yet, but I am confident that I am going to love it. I love stationery and use it regularly to stay organized. Now, I am elated to support a black owned business that not only fits my needs but represents women of color well! God bless you!

    Dr. Jones on
  • Thank you for starting this company. I am a planner and was tired of seeing stickers of women who didn’t look like me. I am so happy to have found your site. Guaranteed customer here.

    La929 on
  • I love your work. I stumbled across you on Facebook and I look forward to placing an order and receiving the product.

    Theresa Hines on

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